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What is an anthology?

An anthology is a collection of artistic expression (poems, short stories, songs, etc.) by various authors/artists composed within the same genre or on the same subject that is released as a single publication or body of work.

What is a “Gathering  House  Publishing” anthology?

A “Gathering House Publishing” anthology is a published book of various short stories or poems from various authors focused on a single theme.

What are the benefits of joining a “Gathering  House  Publishing” anthology?

The benefits of joining a “Gathering House Publishing” anthology are:

• Funding . Depending on the process you take, publishing a book can be costly. Joining GHP’s anthology helps you share the cost to publish a book. For a low entry fee, you experience and participate in publishing a book without stressing your bank account.

• Collaborative Writing . Writing is therapeutic but trying to write a book can be scary. Slicing the “elephant” book into pieces and only focusing on your potion becomes manageable. You can rely, encourage, and support your fellow authors as they create and publish a book with inspiring, motivating, and encouraging stories.

• Social Media/Graphics . The best form of marketing is word of mouth. In today’s society, social media is the best platform for word of mouth marketing. You can post, tweet, email, text, etc to everyone you know and then the ball starts rolling. Joining a GHP anthology, you will have graphics that you can display on your social media accounts. Plus, you will have placement on GHP’s anthology website as a contributing co-author.

• Products . What author writes a book and doesn’t get copies? Not a Gathering House Publishing anthology author. Joining GHP’s anthology provides you with 10 complimentary copies of the book. Plus, there is an e-book as well. Also, you will receive an author’s discount when purchasing additional copies for your book signings or to gift to family and friends.

• Professionalism and Experience . Gathering House Publishing understands the writer and the process to birth a story. Plus, the owner has successfully participated in two anthologies. Taking the positive and the negative of each experience, GHP’s anthologies will provided professional editing of your story, story coaching and feedback, group conferencing, and one-on-one counseling. Finally, a timeline with suspenses so you can have calendar dates to work towards.